Commissions, Graffiti

Five years ago alongside Juice 126 and Zoot I painted the word Forward, Birmingham’s motto in Baskerville font, Birmingham’s offering to the world of printed letters. forward
This summer I spent 4 days with Gent improving it in the run up to the City of Colours Festival, who paid for a lot of the paint and blagged us a scissor lift, without which would have made this a lot harder to paint. I think Gent’s characters sum up Birmingham quite well, striving forward, but stumbling in the push and falling to the ground. There’s also an element of Animal Farm in there.

Snew Balance – Year of the Dragon


Painted another New Balance inspired piece for Sneaks and Peaks the other week. Limited edition gold year of the dragon trainers fresh out of the box. These are the only ones I could find with a character involved. I can’t afford to keep buying these just to paint from so if you have any new NB colourways and would like to lend them to me for the day drop me a message, or if anyone’s reading with a supply and would like to donate pairs definitely get in touch. I’ve spoken to NB’s PR company with no luck…



New Work


My piece from the graffiti life advent show opening tonight.

I was thinking about the concept of the holographic principle and I wanted to use it in a piece. The foreground melting away from the construct of the grid is a reference to this and other ideas about perception. The piece is titled “A thin sheet of reality”, which is also the title of a discussion I watched on the subject and it fit the work well.

The piece is 420mm x 600mm and is matt spray paint on 6mm MDF.

Available to buy from The Graffiti Life Gallery